Santa Fe Springs, California

The entire company culture is one of incompetence, inefficiency and lack of professionalism. But when an entire company operates that way it isn’t the employees it is the management. So when you are frustrated and feed up with the terrible service at Apria blame the senior management. Below are the names of maybe the worst management team in North America:

Dan Starck

Chief Executive Officer

Debra L. Morris

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Mark Litkovitz

Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Bill Guidetti

Executive Vice President, East Zone

Cameron Thompson

Executive Vice President, West Zone

Nichola Denney

Executive Vice President, Revenue Management

Robert P. Walker

Executive Vice President, Managed Care

Jack Baikie

Chief Procurement Officer, SVP, Supply Chain & Logistics

Celina M. Scally

SVP, Human Resources

PS – I drafted this complaint while on hold for 30 minutes, that is after being hung up on, disconnected and transferred. Still on hold, and the recording says may be recorded for employee training, must be an old recording!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It is unfortunate regarding the experience you had. But to ran, complain and blame the upper management is a but over the top.

As we all make mistakes, we should perceive things from a point of view of understanding. Take care and have a good day.


Does anyone have a way to contact the CEO. I have been trying to get a new CPAP machine ordered for the last two and half weeks and I have just about determined it is impossible to do.

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