My prescription for a replacement CPAP machine was sent to April on April 21, 2014. I have spent hours (yes, literally hours) on the phone with Apria, my insurance company and my doctor's office.

Both my doctor's office and insurance company have also been on the phone, sometimes in conference calls, with Apria. I have spoken with about a dozen different people at Apria, including a manager type. There has yet to be any kind of marginally reasonable explanation for why Apria can't process this prescription.

Meanwhile, I haven't had a decent night's sleep in 3 months and my health continues to deteriorate. I write this while on hold with the insurance company who is on the other line with Apria once again (and has been for twenty minutes).

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Turlock, California, United States #834167

My father-in-law received equipment from

apria, unfortunately he pass away two months later. He died two days later (pass the month) so we got hit for three months (they adjust the billing) and they pick up equipment a week later.

I'm OK with the charges. (paid at delivery, paid two months later and paid four months for the last bill. I know it takes two months intervals but four. What?

(rep)" I'm a lazy worker he died and I'll wait to process later." Is this how they work? I received no bill because I paid with a debit card one time and I'm not the patient and that OK to hit my account. But the worse part I called one day and the rep claims she couldn't find the payment posted but I call the next business day that rep can find it and explains. So here I fret I'm going to get hit erroneously in the future.

I worry during the weekend I just wish the first rep just answered and listen to my concerns and tell me how it is and it would of been over or at least I think so. Hope it the end. There other people who have written that they receive billing one year later. They never explain clearly to their clients that it take so long because they have to wait for the ins payments (medicare) to pay the bill the client next which takes on average two to three months.

Something needs to done. I know my problem is small but I can see why they have problems because that's how they work.

Maple Heights, Ohio, United States #834128

Apria is the worst to deal with I just got out of the hsp. with respiratory failure c-pap stopped working 12 days ago They told me to get my Dr.

to send a prescripion which he did before they can get me another to see if our insurance will pay for it all we got was the run around we had to wait in line to be taken care of. How hard is it to call and see if i'm covered. Why are these idiots in business???? It's not if I need that machine I need it to not have another trip to the ICU.

They can't even talk to you with out a smart answer. I thought they were in business to help you keep healthy not to help end your life.

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