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I received a bi-pap machine from this sorry company in Sept. of 2013 under United Healthcare.

this plan was dropped at the end of the year and I had to find a new plan. I went with Piedmont Wellstar in Jan. 2014. After being with them for a year I started inquiring as to the cost of the machine and how long I was going to have to pay the rental fee of $33.52 per month.

Neither Apria nor my ins. co. could or would answer this question. When I first got the machine, I was told that usually after a yr.

that ins. pays it off and it is yours. for another yr. I placed several calls to Apria and my ins.

co. to no avail. No one would or could answer my questions. I finally reached a very nice lady at Piedmont Wellstar that did a 3 way conference call and it was decided that there was a 13 month cap on how much I would have to pay and Apria refunded 10 months of the 14 months of the over payment.

In Jan. of 2016 I had to start with a new ins. co., Cigna Health Spring and as I thought my obligation to Apria was finished I did not provide them with my new healthcare info. Apria billed me in Jan., Feb.

& Mar. All the while I am calling them to find out why. I was always told that they would have to review my case and call me back. They never called back.

Then when I would call to follow up, I could never talk to the same person and would be given the same song and dance again. They had my debit card info & was automatically deducting charges out of my bank acct. Finally I cut up the card 7 canceled it at the bank so they could not take anymore, unfortunately not soon enough though because they took a lump of $134.20 in the middle of Mar. which no one would explain why.

After getting married & moving to south AL. in April of 2016, I had to change ins. yet again. Around July or Aug.

Apria started dunning me for not only the $33.52 per month, but for what the ins. company was supposed to pay. It is now May of 2017 and I am still doing battle with them. Medicare has gotten in on it, but they tell me that it has to fall back to Cigna and there is nothing more they can do.

If Cigna does not pick up the charges I will be on the hook for over $2000.00. Unlike all the other reviews I have read on here, I have never had a problem getting my supplies. Also, all the reps.

I reached spoke perfectly good English, but they are in a call center and none seem to know their rear ends from holes in the ground. This company is a nightmare and should be put out of business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Bipap Machine Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $369.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Apria Cons: Apria customer service lacking.

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Please refer to my November 29th post entitled "Apria Complaints & Recommended Actions" for advise on how to deal with Apria Healthcare. Good Luck!