I placed an order on 7-15-2013 and was told I would get it on 7-16-2013 but something told me to call to make sure of the delivery and I was told it was back order until 7-18-2013. This company don't have any respect to their customer to at least call and let them know they not going to deliver on the day they suppose too.

Plus it finally came on the 18th of July but after 9 pm after waiting all day and nobody called to say that another company was helping out. I also have been calling for them to pick up empty tanks and every time someone comes out they don't have room to take the empty tanks I have 35 empty tanks just sitting in my house being charged for them just sitting here.

I'm looking for another company to switch to because this company is terrible. Also have anyone else receive any news that the company change how you receive your supplies first I could just call when needed then I was told once a month and now every two months what kind of company does that and don't let you know.

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