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I received a CPAP machine and supplies November 2018. My insurance at the time was United Healthcare.

Everything was fine up until January 1, 2019 when our insurance carrier changed over to Cigna. Good lord. I spoke to two patient account managers and gave them the new insurance information in January, I then called the general customer service line in February after I had not heard anything from Apria at that point and the lady told me they had UHC as my primary insurance and Cigna as the secondary. I told her that was incorrect and she supposedly fixed their error.

She also told me that I would be re-starting the rental period all over again and I told her that didn't make any sense because they already got paid for 2 months from UHC and I said "so you are telling me you billed the insurance for nothing then?" she literally replied "yes". I called again because a few weeks had passed and they called me but it was an auto message so I called to see what they wanted, the rep tells me they have UHC as primary insurance and Cigna as secondary!!! I correct him also, he claims to be fixing the error once again. Then, I receive a call that there has been a new CPAP order on my account and I call to see why and who ordered it and they don't now!

There is NO doctor's order, no reason why another order would have been made especially since I just got a new machine a few months prior. It is now March 19th and I received a bill from Apria yesterday for January and February stating they billed UHC and of course it denied payment because we do not have that insurance anymore, as they know! I emailed Apria to once again correct their error and refuse to call their overseas call center. They obviously can't do their simple jobs and update insurance policies so I want proof in writing that they have updated the insurance and that they have taken the balance off my account as Carecentrix is now billing Cigna for the machine rental.

If Apria dares to send this bill to a collection agency I will seek legal counsel.

I have done my part as the insured and updated my insurance with them multiple times and they are the ones who consistently fail to update demographics on their end which is not my fault. I also find it hilarious that they put on the bill that you have 10 days to contact them before they will start escalating the bill on your account but then take their sweet time to respond back to you unless you call and wait 3hours for a rep to do nothing for you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Billing Department.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $79.

Preferred solution: remove balance from my account and update insurance information on account.

Apria Cons: Lack of communication, Lies, Incompetent staff, Unprofessional management, Overseas call center.

  • c-pap
  • Fraud Activity
  • Apria Sleep Management Center
  • Unprofesonalism
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They have the worst customer service department on the planet!