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I didn't realize how many people had such an awful experience with this company .

It does look like this is a very bad company.

They are scamming the medicare and other healthcare providers by overcharging and doubling the prices....

My medicare paid in full for the equipment and that is what the technician installing it confirmed to me..however months later I started getting bills that had been dated few months back.

Time for us to ask Attorney General to get involved and stop this company milking the system in addition to ripping off customers especially the once who can ill afford it.

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Jackson, Tennessee, United States #698746

Clueless.. GREAT POINT!

Secondly pd doesn't pay in full for 99% of equip.. its rental eqiup and ur are billed monthly and why you ppl actually think medicare pays so much for things is beyond me!

If you really took the time to read ur medicare summary u would see that medicare pays pennies to what the supplies and equip is really worth! Get off ur high horse and get with the real program.

Santa Ana, California, United States #656083

Why in the world would you ask a technican about your medicare billing? That makes no sense!

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