Saint Louis, Missouri
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This is Saturday evening, July 12, 14. My husband is on oxygen 24/7, and I have just spent one of the most agrevating days of my life.

My husband and I drove the 20 miles into St. Louis from our home in Illinois to spend the day with 2 of our granddaughters. We spent the night in a motel to get an early start. We brought my husband's homefill equipment so he would have plenty of O2.

When we got back to the motel we discovered that the compressor had not filled his spare tank. He made it through the night using a cpap, but we started calling Apria this morning to get some help. After making it through the maze of their 800 number, and spending many minutes being told by a recording how valuable we are, I was told that it was Saturday and they couldn't do anything until Monday. I tried 3 more 800 numbers without any better results until I asked the woman I was speaking to that if there was no emergency number that would get results and we had to wait til Monday, I would be suing the company.

The supervisor I talked to tried to tell me that they couldn't help us because we had brought our own equipment without filing a travel request. After 5 hours arguing with this company they finally sent a man out a replacement machine, but we were still required to give them a credit card number before he would leave it because he was from a different office than the one we use.

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