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Update by user Nov 18, 2015

November 14 I was called to come and pick up my scooter. I got there and had to wait for them to put it together.

They took my credit card number until the claim had gone through. I have never before had to give my credit card information for something that is covered at 100% unless it is a rental which this wasn't.

Six weeks is unacceptable for durable medical equipment and I would not recommend Apria. They have the worst customer service (other than Verizon) that I have ever experienced.

Original review posted by user Oct 28, 2015

My health insurance covers my knee scooter at 100% so after my foot

surgery I called to have the order processed September 30. I hadn't heard anything back from them so I called October 9 for an update.

At that time they gave me a list of things they needed to complete the order. All of the information had been supplied to them by my doctor and myself Sept. 30 but we gave it to them again. October 27 I called to get an update to find out they had two files on me and were asking for the same information that was given to them twice.

October 28 they called to tell me that they were finally processing my order but they needed my credit card information.

For something that is covered at 100% by my insurance I don't think so. We'll see how long this is going to take.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Apria Cons: Incompetent processing.

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It most certainly is a insurance company will pay for a knee walker.....


United Healthcare paid for the scooter at 100%. This was NOT a rental. I have it to keep finally after 6 weeks.


If this were a rental I would understand but this is not a rental.



I called Apria Nov. 3 to check on the status of my order.

At this time I was told that my order had been cancelled because I did not give my credit card information over the phone.

No one told me that my order would be cancelled if I did not give my credit card information over the phone. I spoke to a supervisor at that time who said he would expedite my order.


My husband is going through the same thing with them wanting more info, they want the money, unless you know what you are talking about you should shut up. They get her credit card number they will be charging her for everything.

There is no reason for them to want her credit card number if her insurance covers it 100 percent.

You don't have a clue what these people have to go through and not get ripped off. So you understand that we have to watch out for these people.


Your the one who is clueless......the scooter is owned by apria and the insurance company pays for the rental.....when the patient no longer needs it, and apria goes to pick up their equipment, if it is missing, then the credit card is charged......if the scooter is returned, then there is no charge applied to the credit card. GET IT??


It's rental must give a credit card to secure Apria's assets.....try renting a car or a hotel room without a credit card......what's so hard to understand?


It is NOT a rental!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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