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I get upset because when I try to call a local office I get routed to Kansas... I live in Arizona I want to get directions to a Tucson office and the guy in Kansas tries but he does not know Tucson!!!!!

this is ridicules. and when I try to talk to someone in sierra vista it is impossible get real guys.

I think you need to have someone in each office for things like this. when you are lost and someone in Kansas is trying to tell you how to get somewhere and they don't know the streets or landmarks.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Terrible customer service, Business practice.

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I am a customer service rep and yes we do have directions to the branches, are database tells you the exact directions from your location where your at right to the branch. We are nationwide and have reps all over answering the calls. Sounds like your just upset that you couldn't speak to the local branch for directions and didn't want to take the information that the rep had to give you.

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