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I'm 74 and never at home before 1 pm to 9 pm for service calls. I have advised Apria of this for 8-9 years; yet, they still come, unannounced say at 11 am or 11:45 am.

I have appointments, gym, and errands or Church 7 days a week so I reserve contact or SERVICE time from 1 pm to 9 pm (does that seem wide enough?) Also, they say they called, but in all these years I haven't had a SINGLE message on my answering machine so I suppose they just yell out their window, "HEY YOU, we are coming", or better let the phone ring once or even twice then hang up....goodness forbid leave a message like" we'd like to visit tomorrow at 1 pm" wow, that would be so hard for "IDIOTS". Again, only rarely, say 1 in 15 times, a driver has called and warned I'm on the I always say, I'm in the office, over the garage, so toot your horn when you get here! I can't here the doorbell which is way down on the first floor and I'm over the garage. then later when I have long forgotten, I open the front door only to see a visitation tag saying " I came (time on form missing, date missing), rang the doorbell so I left...idiots...Apria is a screwed up non customer friendly company.

Who can I change to?????? Daniel

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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