Fort Dodge, Iowa
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My insurance Rep has talked to them numerous times about confusing billing. Every customer service person says something different.

They continually send me texts that I am past due! Recently I was called by our local office and told because they were out of network, I would have to find a new provider. A couple days later they called to tell me they had a trilogy machine to put in and it was agreed by my insurance. The local rep said the higher ups in Corp said not to drop me...

to wash the existing bill and accept what the ins pays which is what Medicare allows. Yesterday I got a collection notice they had sent for past due 602.00 and now resumed billing full amount to my insurance! Not only is my credit tarnished, they haven't changed a thing! I will call my insurance representative tomorrow and am thinking I need to find another company...

this is terrible service!

I called the local representative and she couldn't help at all.

I do not have any issues with any other providers, but Apria makes up for it! Constant hassle!

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Never, never, ever give Apria your credit card. You will regret it.

Demand to be billed. If they say no, call the attorney general's office consumer protection agency.