They gave me a wheelchair was nice a can be said insurance already approved everything then i was told that to keep the chair until the second surgery all the sudden i am getting 5 to 9 phone calls a day from them telling me that i owe them 479.00 dollars and that my insurance company has refused to pay them i called my insurance company to said all they needed was a copy of the perscription and they would pay it i then explained this to Aptia who basicly told me to go pound sand they wanted there money now from me i had to go to the doctor and get him to make me a perscription and send it to my insurance company who did pay this bill. then apria wanted to no when they can come pick up this chair i told them that i get off work at 11 pm anytime they want to come pick it up after that time would be fine but if they would like i will drive it up and deliver it they didnt want this to happen so after a month of 5 to 9 phone calls a day every day i am going to drive this chair up there and they will either take it or it will be sitting in the side walk enough is enough if i would of known this i would of went through pride would would of gave me one for free.stay away from these people they want your money and will not work with your insurance company why do they even accept insurances

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Not sure how they picked Minneapolis, Minnesota as my home...wrong side of the country! lol



I would just like to point out that Apria covers a huge network of Healthcare equipment suppliers.Certainly some of those suppliers are better than others, but from personal experience with our local Apria-based supplier, I have seen nothing like the reported missed deliveries, non-calls before dropping into the house, or evidence of Insurance or Medicare fraud.

The staff have gone out of their way to meet my needs, despite the fact that I still owe them a considerable amount of money.

I would, of course, like to be able to pay my bill online too, however for the complainer who suggested that mailing a letter jeopardized their credit card information, I would like to state that the internet is not necessarily the safest place to pay either.Well, I feel comfortable paying through PayPal (others don't ...I respect that too)...but by far the best method would be to hand-deliver the check and get a receipt right at the office.




Apria commits Medicare fraud on a daily basis - I have turned them in but have gotten no satisfaction. They continue to send items to our home that were not ordered and not used but REFUSE to accept their return because Apria "doesn't know how the items were cared for in our possession." I don't know how they care for the items we must use when they are in Apria's possession.

to ANONYMOUS #635646

i used a fisher paykel for 10 years.only once had a problem with heating element.

washed reservoir tubing mask as directed. needed new mask about every 6-9 mos. i need specialty goldseal mask. was told they no longer manufacture this equipment.

lies, apria just doesn't use those cpap machines however respironics manufactures the the mask and apria sells respironics equipment but i can't get the mask. you aren't supposed to have leaks around yoour mask. now i get ahard blue gel mask that you submerge in boiling water to soften then let it cool then smash it into place to seal as best as this inferior is possible, some leals are ok?, realy? since when?

one size fits all headgear? i have a b i g head. the headgear is too big for me. some equipment replaced every 2wks some 1mo some 2mo and so on.

the reservoirs have ribs inside that make impossible to clean. airleakes make the machine impossibly loud and and the blowing in your eyesand skin makes it impossible to sleep, resevoir not big enough to last through night.

so here's the conundrum QUALITY vs quantity.why sell a machine that lasts 10yrs, 5 years longer than necessary when you can get an inferior product that needs so much replacement equipment that requires more more employess tocreate more problems that confuse a person so much that they pay for this *** enabling incompatency indifference and more jobs with a paycheck too small for the already entitled.


These Apria idiots have no on-line billing. I have to mail a letter jeopardizing my Credit Card identity and pay for a stamp for a $5.00 bill. Sounds to me like one *** of a poorly run organization.

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