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I believe in April this year I gave Apria healthcare in the Chicago area a horrible review! Back then the review was on customer care, lack of supervision that resulted in the employees caring less on their Job performance.

After Apria read my review on line I received a call from a Apria rep. To discuss my concerns and she informed me that she will address my issues, and don’t worry about anything she will take care of it.

I had informed the rep that I contacted Apria and told them that my CPAP machine was not working properly and I need to have it repaired. At that time I took the machine 40 miles to there offices. I was told that if I left the CPAP at their offices to be repaired.

It would take 3 weeks. I asked if I could get a loaner until my CPAP was fixed? No we do not have a loaner for you. I informed the employee that I did have a serious form of sleep apnea and I need the machine.

response Sorry! I took my defective CPAP home. To move on::I was informed by the rep that I was eligible to receive a new CPAP because my CPAP was 5 years old. Great news, I was told this on May 24, 2019.

As of August 21st 2019 NO CPAP.

Back then I informed her that the Assistant doctor who handled my study was no longer in the pulmonary dept. But she sent the request for the prescription anyway. She did inform me of her lack of progress. I suggested she send the request to the supervisor of the assistant doctor.

The supervisor of the assistant doctor suggested we contact my internist. ( weeks went by) I finally had to asked my internist for their fax number which I sent to her because she was not having any luck.

After that she must of fallen off the face of the earth. After 3 weeks I finally contacted her and she informed me that they got the prescription and my order was being processed. Great right.

This was on August 1st. I called and called again and I was now informed that They needed a second diagnosis to process the order. Every time I called after that I was told the same thing. “They were waiting for a second diagnosis.

“ I finally discovered no one would pick up the phone and call the doctor and request the paperwork. To note : My internist has a fairly efficient staff. But my calls to Apria went on deaf ears. No one wanted to take ownership at Apria and solve this issue.

Finally, I call the Office in Bolingbrook who would handle my order. I spoke to a young lady their and she told me that I still needed a second diagnosis. I asked what the problem was? she finally said she will call the doctors office and get back to me.

Never did. I called 3 days later and was told that someone would get back to me in 48 hours! Crickets. Their team either is very busy or playing cards in the back room.

HR. Managers are you hearing me!!!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Apria Pros: No pros.

Apria Cons: Worst customer service ever.

  • worst company
  • Apria Horrible Service
  • Horrid Customer Service
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I am sorry to hear this comment from an actual employee. Besides sleep work is the place we spend most of our time. I am sorry to hear your time at Apria is not rewarding


I work for Apria and I can tell you it is demoralizing to say the least how our patients complain endlessly about our horrible customer service department. It's impossible to believe that the upper management isn't aware of just how bad it is.

Or they just don't care.

Morale at our branch is horrendous. We have a revolving door and have gone through 18 technicians in two years!!!


I find my job very rewarding... helping people is why I got into health care... working for Apria, however, is frustrating beyond belief.