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I have been with Apria for over 10 years and used to love dealing with them. Within the last year, the company outsourced their billing and customer service to the Philippines.

Since that time, the robocalls have been nonstop. As soon as I blocked one number, they start calling with another number. I placed an order in February and then again in August. I have excellent insurance and I was told what my co-pay would be while on the phone ordering supplies.

I gave them my FSA debit card to pay for those co-pays knowing exactly what amount was being charged. To my surprise, I was charged $130.00 more than I was told. When I called, I could barely understand the person on the phone. Finally, I understood that my insurance company denied my claim.

So, I called my insurance company only to find out that Apria never even put the claim through to my insurance. My insurance company put me on hold and contacted Apria. They told Apria to submit the claim as it was never billed through my insurance. They too struggled to communicate with the person on the phone.

Finally the Apria representative said they would submit it. Well, it has been three weeks since that call with no word on the claim. So, I again called my insurance company and they contacted Apria again and put me on hold. After holding for 35 minutes, my insurance company got back on the line with me and said that the Apria representative states they didn't charge my flex card.

So, I called my FSA company to verify that the charge was from Apria and it was definitely charged by Apria. To say that I am livid is an understatement. I have had to spend my time and energy to rectify what some person in the Philippines messed up. After reading other reviews on Apria Heathcare, I'm not alone in my anger and frustration!

I even wrote an email to the president of Apria with no response.

I'm submitting this review so others can avoid the headaches that I and others are enduring. Angry

Reason of review: Billing.

Apria Cons: Terrible billing and customer service.

  • Billing Issues
  • Apria Bad Customer Service
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Never, never, never give Apria a credit card! You will regret it.