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The following is the letter I sent to APRIA...I have been a customer of yours for over ten years. Up until this last year, I was a happy camper.

I don't know what has happened to you over the last six months, but your systems for reorder of recurring supplies are in disarray and your staff appear to be untrained or uninformed about how to handle the new procedures. They are unwilling or unable to problem solve on behalf of the customer. Here's the short version...I called my local office to inform them that my quarterly order for C-Pap supplies was incomplete. They take my name, my birth date, my address and zip code and then pass me off to central supplier of supplies.

Guess what the second customer rep asks me?...You got name, my birth date (you get the picture)...even though I informed the first rep that I was inquiring about c-pap supplies, instead of forwarding me immediately to someone who could help, they put me through all the same boiler palate *** again and to what purpose? What a waste of time. I ordered the balance of my missing order, waited a week, and no supplies. I called once again and went through the same routine again.

Ah, they said. You need to electronically sign some documents before we can send any more supplies. Okay...but why did someone not call me to inform me of this? You just left me hanging for a week.

Duh! So, I received an Electronic Signature Approval Form, signed it and waited for my order. A week passed. Nothing,.

I called again, Blah, Blah, Blah. Oh, the customer rep said. You have to electronically sign ANOTHER form called an SSRA Form. I inquired why this second form was not kicked off to me automatically when they received my Electronic Sig.

Approval Form? No suitable answer. The response was..Well, that was history. Let's move on.

So, three weeks later...after many calls...Number one...You got my standing order of ten years wrong...Two, You failed to inform me that you had new requirements to fulfill a recurring order (You let me sit in ignorance for a week), Three, the Software that requested my Electronic Signature should automatically kick out the SSRA Form to me without having me wait another week wondering what's up with the order. In addition, by your own instructions for the electronic forms, these documents are supposed to be signed while ON THE PHONE with an Apria Rep, but NONE of your employees knew this! Four...your reps seemed unprepared to diagnose the issues and solve them for me. Multiple calls over multiple weeks and to this day I still do not have my missing C-Pap Supplies.

Solution..I called my doctor for three other C-PAP Supply references. After interviewing them on the phone, I've chosen ROTECH as my supplier. They were efficient and knowledgeable, and without my prompts they knew exactly what I needed on a quarterly basis and what insurance paid for. Done.

APRIA is history. Since you moved to a voice prompt system for reordering, your entire fulfillment system has collapsed. There are multiple issues here for management to address...but my gut feeling is that management IS the problem. The above story should have been an effortless single phone call to remedy a screwed up order.

Instead, you pissed me off so much that you’ve lost a reliable customer. If you know anything about sales, you know that it will cost you ten times more to get a new customer than it will to retain an current one. Maybe not in this new healthcare environment.

At any rate, you’ve lost ten years of goodwill in just a few weeks of incompetence. You’ll get no recommendations from me in the future and as full disclosure, I’ve informed my Doctor of my dissatisfaction with you and I’ve posted several reviews of my story on the net as a warning to other consumers who might be contemplating using APRIA as a vendor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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