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This company is a Nightmare when it comes to billing your insurance. I have Medicare as my primary and also a secondary insurance.

I was sent to Apria healthcare after I was diagnosed with Sleep apnea for a C-PAP machine & Supplies for the machine. I was asked for a Major credit card upfront for a kind of security deposit. I was ok with this at the time. Now they have a habit of billing Medicare without giving all the information required to the insurance company and I have had a few claims denied for that reason then Apria health care turns around and charges the credit card on file.

Why should I be billed for claims being denied when it’s there company and respiratory therapists that aren’t filling out the paper work correctly when ordering supplies I need for my c-pap machine. The only thing I could get out of the billing department was you have to talk to you doctor. HELLO it’s your company’s employee not my doctor that is screwing up the paper work. I have not had any problems before with insurance being denied because of not enough information.

Apria is the only one I have EVER had issues with. Also they called me two days later and told me it’s because Medicare does not pay all of the payment and I’m responsible for the rest. And they needed a new credit card so they could bill me and told me that they can’t send out a paper bill. Well I had a copy of the bill in my hands and their stories change depending on who you talk to.

I also contacted my sleep study doctor to ask them if they knew what was going on since Apria healthcare told me to talk to my doctor because it’s their fault not enough information was given to Medicare and that’s why it was denied. Again it’s there respiratory therapist that does the paper work not my sleep doctor. The sleep doctor’s office looked my file up and said they have not had any contact with Medicare & or Apria since the time of my sleep study. My Sleep Doctors office was nice enough to tell me to contact another supplier and they will give me all the paper work doctor notes and a new script so I don’t have to deal with them anymore for the supplies.

Unfortunately I will have to deal with them until august when the capap machine is paid off. At this time they canceled my order for supplies even thou they had already billed me for the supplies in a paper bill. I’m waiting to see if they send me another bill for the supplies even thou they canceled the order and I never received them. Update they are still asking for a credit card and now tell me I’m behind 65.00$ because my part B Medicare deductible has not been paid.

I just sent them a jpg file of my deductible status on medicare.gov. that shows that everything is up to date and it’s already been met

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You people are idiots.


Please email lawmomma@outlook.com for information on the class action lawsuit being filed for their abusive and negligent billing practices.

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