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The robo-call indicates that someone will be to your home on a certain day and to press 1 of that is OK and press 2 if it is not OK. Thing is, they do not indicate the address.

I am fortunate to have two homes, 1500 miles apart and I am a "snow bird". The robo-call does not indicate which address the tech will be going to, and asks me to give a yea or nay on the visit. Can't the geniuses use a program that allows for indicating the address? Surely I am not the only customer with two addresses.

Is that so hard? Apparently it is. It would be nice if the suits could figure this out.

Aren't they in charge? Hmmmmm?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have had the same problem of receiving a phone call saying they will be at my house at a certain time and if this is okay press 1 if not press 2.....youddd do not have a choice. There is not a number you can press to reschedule.

You are given a phone number to call but you can never get anyone to answer. I have called and been on hold for 45 minutes or longer and finally give up. I have the same problem with trying to place an order.

Another problem I have is when they come to my house to bring supplies they never bring or have all that I have ordered. I am usually told they will have it shipped to me.

Right now I have been waiting for three different orders over several months and I have no idea when or if I will ever receive my supplies.

These orders are for a special size cannula that I need. I have even given them the size and the item number but nothing seems to help!

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