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Apria is the absolute worst and they should be banned from anything related to healthcare!

They continuously charge my account and take money from me without notice. When I call them on it, they say it's because I have a card on file. I ask for my card to be taken off file and they "can't do that".

Here is the kicker, two years ago, I was renting an oxygen machine and no longer needed it. So I told them, they came and got it and still billed me for it for three months. I called about it and was told they have resolved the issue and I wouldn't not be billed for it again. Now I have that three months in collections! Crooks!

Funny though, I've always been on auto draft with them. Why was that $60 sent to collections? Why wasn't that auto drafted too? They are so full of *** and need to be shut down!

I will never recommend Apria to anyone. I'd rather die in my sleep than to support this terrible business.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Never sign up for auto pay with anyone for anything!!! Contact your card issuer and tell them what is happening.

If necessary you may have to cancel the card and get a new account, etc.

which you can do with the same issuer in order to stop being charged. Good luck, but don't rely on Apria to help you.

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