Terre Haute, Indiana

My spouse is disabled and dependent upon continuous Oxygen at 6L. He is 51 and is not homebound.

Apria is refusing to deliver Oxygen, although the insurance pays in He now can only receive 24 tanks every 2 months. We are in a rural setting with power outages and a distance to drive for M.D. visits. A M.D.

visit usually requires 8 tanks. WE go to a M.D. every week! He has end stage cardiomyopathy, renal failure, and COPD with pulmonary effects related to Cordarone.

Apria has decided and enforced a death sentence for him.

He is limited to an O2 concentrator, he will not be able to go physician appointments to manage his medical conditions. He will not be able to attend his church.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Honestly, I'm sorry. I actually work in the Oxygen department at Apria currently.

I feel horrible when I have to tell people we can't deliver to them anymore, or not as frequently as they need.

I mean, I completely understand where they are coming from as a business, but I still can't help but feel bad for some of the patients that can't get something they need. I wish there was another way around it.


Actually, I think this person CAN blame Apria. Their insurance has paid Apria for oxygen that Apria is not delivering. That seems pretty cut and dried to me.


you need to understand how oxygen companies are paid......insurance reimburses them one flat rate per month (currently under $100.00) the insurance company has no input in how the oxygen companies run their business. the industry average for delivering (truck driver pay, diesel fuel, insurance, etc.) is estimated to be in the vicinity of $60.00.

so.....if apria makes one delivery per month, they have essentially broken even.......if they make two deliveries per month, they have lost money. if any oxygen company is going to survive, they must cut back on deliveries, otherwise there will be no oxygen companies left and oxygen patients will be left without any oxygen......we are fighting for our survival!


I agree with previous comment. Go pick up the oxygen at the branch. The company continues to loose money because of deliveries, they will go out of bussiness and you will have NO oxygen at all!


you can thank our wonderful government for this situation.....don't blame apria. the amount paid to oxygen companies for providing oxygen has dropped to a point where all oxygen companies must cut overhead or they will go out of business.

it is impossible to make regular, frequent deliveries anymore and most patients are being put on home fill systems where you fill your own cylinders. i understand your frustration, but your issue is with the government. you should write a letter to your senator and do some research as to what is happening.

we can afford $2 billion a week in afghanastan but can't take care of our own sick and elderly. pitiful........

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