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A class action suit is being contemplated toward Apria regarding its neglect of CPAP/respiratory therapy patients.

If you are interested in exploring this possibility, please send an email to

I have been in touch with an attorney, but to develop a class action there needs to be a pattern of behavior by a company and a significant number of individuals affected. The case would be handled on a contingency basis by the attorney. (This means he only gets paid a portion of the settlement amount (often between 1/4 to 40%, agreed to in advance), if there is one).

If you are the least bit concerned about the validity of this, feel free to create an extra email account and email me from there. You need to send me just a few details:

1. the general area where you live (SE PA or Panhandle Oklahoma, etc.)

2. a brief/paragraph long description of your mistreatment by Apria. Please keep it short for now.

3. Most important is to note any long-term/permanent effect Apria's actions/inaction has had or will have on you. For instance, has there been any significant damage to your heart/cardiovascular system as a result of having apnea episodes (heart stopping briefly) through the night? The same thing would apply to other types of respiratory therapy patients.

4. To verify you are not a scammer, please include the town/city and mascot name of your favorite sports team (high school, college or pro) after your email. (I know this is a little lame, but it will do for now.) When you are contacted in the future, you will be expected to remember this. Please be careful to protect your identity.

The only thing a company like Apria, and the insurance companies that bankroll it, understand is a board to the head. That means a financial judgment against them with the accompanying bad publicity. Publicity is the most important. That can have a wonderful effect on the relationships a company has with patients, caregivers, hospitals, its competition, etc.

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Let me know if you do proceed. I was a respiratory therapist with them and will gladdy help you out.

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