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I want to shout to the World how Apria came to my need with a portable oxygen concentrator. Finally a new team of employees that took time to work and listen to the NEEDS of the patent/client was put in place.

No sweeping dirt under the rug but cleaning it with vigor. The Austin and Central Texas team is beginning to turn around and provide better service and care! Folks, this POC has given me the ability to start becoming a member of society again and the stamina of going around in public with family or friends and being able to last several hours before having to \'throw in the towel\'. joy, pure joy no longer trying to perform any tasks or even GO anywhere without dragging those heavy *** tanks around!

Thank you, Pat Tighe, Jack Montoya, office staff and drivers who really worked tirelessly to improve the quality of my life. HATS OFF! KUDOS!

and THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Gratefully, Kathie Stepherson

Original review posted by user Jul 23, 2012

Last Thurs., 7-19-12, I was delivered my own supposedly NEW POC. First the wrong concentrator was delivered.

It was supposed to have a 6 hr. battery life (correct unit has 8 hr. battery life). So I decided to go ahead and use it to be with family, especially grandchildren.

THEN the *** thing overheated and completely died in 1 hr 45 min.!!!! Would not even charge using car charger. Thought EMS would have to be called for a ride home! Finally my daughter flew into action and drove me home while my sister drove my car home.

So HERE I SIT A PRISONER IN MY ROOM. Every time I think I am going to get the smallest break it just doesn't work out.

In all things give thanks but I am struggling.

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I have been waiting a week for my oxygen concentrater and have not received it yet because of Apria - they keep saying I have to do testing with my doctor first which I did then the next day I had to do more testing. My doctors office faxed over the results yesterday and Apria claims they haven't received it. I have been without oxygen for a week now and if anything happens to me its their fault.


Three years ago my wife's doctor wrote a prescription for a POC from Apria. She has yet to get one.

We missed going to our son's 25th wedding anniversary two years ago and my wife missed going to our oldest granddaughter's wedding last summer because Apria refused to provide a POC.

To date, each person at Apria we've talked to over the last three years has given us a different excuse as to why they would not provide a POC. Clearly, Apria staff either doesn't know what they're doing or they out and out lie.

Most recently we were told by a Patient Services Coordinator Leader that Apria won't submit a claim to Regence MedAdv because the claims are always denied. Regence approved the POC each time the doctor wrote a new prescription.

The next day, the receptionist at the branch office, told me Apria doesn't have a contract with Regence. -Odd, since Regence claims otherwise and has been paying for my wife's current oxygen equipment for several years.

Today I was told Apria no longer provides POC's except for travel.

An application must be made 10 days in advance and it is for travel only withing the U.S.

So much for ever visiting our son who lives in Germany.

Our experience with Apria is very poor.


This is true, Apria only provides pocket for travel and they require a 10 day advance request.


I'm very upset with Apria Poc not able to get one for my husband who has stage 4 lung cancer. We are not able to leave our home for more than 3 hours or go visit out children out of town. What can we due please help.


Get better children. They should be visiting you, and I would try different insurance providers.

Each one covers different equipment and needs. Be very careful! Portable devices often do not work as well as the larger in home units. He may even put himself at risk.

I have heard some horror stories with these. Good luck though!

I hope it works out! :sigh


I was just told by my doctor that he prescribing that I be put on oxygen full time. I stopped at local Apria center to pick up test equipment and inquired about portable concentrators and was told that they don't carry one. I was told I would have to use a liquid oxygen station to fill portable unit.


I personally want to thank you for agreeing our health is not their first priority. ks


I called apria today to find out about getting a poc for my mother. We are flying to orlando in october and she is on o2 24/7.

They said oh let me get you to the right department and transferred me out. The person I spoke with told me the POC is a $10 a day rental and $5 per extra battery needed per day. I asked how long the battery lasts and told them my mother is on 4LPM they told me 45minutes it would last! SERIOUSLY?!!

For a 1 1/2 hour trip to the airport, 2hour wait till flight, 3hour non-stop flight then 1hour to hotel thats 10 batteries maybe 11 to be safe!

THAT IS CRAZY! The flight is early 7am so in order to make sure we get this in time and it actually works we are looking at a week rental = $455!!!


Maybe you have the Phillips Respironics EverGo? it should last 8 hours at a setting of 2.

If its on a setting of 3, it will last 6 hours. This time is based on it holding 2 new batteries at the same time. Also, when driving down the road, often the car connector comes lose, automatically switches to battery power. Were there any alarms on the screen?

like a triangle? Talk to your Apria branch manager, and let them know your concerns, they can get it repaired if its needed.

Also, check out


Kathie, I noticed you are also in the Austin TX area. I am located in Round Rock TX and get service from the Apria on Research Ave.

Austin. What a disorganized group that is. I can't believe that company is still up and running with all the mistakes they make. We at times travel to Corpus Christi and have Apria in Corpus deliver to my mother's house.

Now just about every delivery they attempt to deliver it in Corpus and not to my home in Round Rock. I have tried to get my mother's address and phone number removed from our records at no avail. Today my mother notified me that the Apria nurse called her to make an appointment to stop and see me. What a mess!

Good luck with your situation.

I think the only way I will resolve mine is to contact the new manager and let him correct this situation. :sigh


Call Rx Stat Respiratory, they will help you with any portable oxygen needs. 1.888.648.7250

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