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We have been trying to get my husband a concentrator for over a month....first they said the perscription wasnt turned in right...Doctor sent an other one now it has been a month every time we call we either get a run around...put on hold ...say they have the perscription....but haven't filled it....my husband needs his freedom....yesterday we waited on hold for a hour till we gave up and hung up....I have decided these people don't understand southern English once I had to spell my husbands last name 5 times and the lady still didn't get it...how hard is it to spell HYTEN.....H...Y.....T....E.....N we would really appreciate any help we could get with this matter...may you have a good day!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Apria Cons: Unacceptable wait time for product.

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This is an identical story to what we have been going thru with apria for 5 months and my husband has gone from needing one or two liters to needing 5 or 6. They never send or call us or the dr when they choose to not follow the order by the Dr.

There has never been a mediccare denial notice therefore we have no proof or any way to complain - it is all just there word. Sure wish we had freedom of choice with our oxygen

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