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We had to order oxygen and a wheelchair prior to my mother's dischare from a nursing home. We were billed our %20 for the equipment and they also billed Medicare.

They posted our payment along with Medicare;s payment and reported back to Medicare that both payments were from us. Now Medicare thinks we have overpaid Apria and keeps sending a refund check back to us in my mother's name who is now deceased, she only used the equipment for a month and 2 weeks before she passed.

we have been battling with them over their billing and even had a three way call with Medicare and Apris so Medicare could explain to them what they were doing wrong. After numerous promises from Apria that they would fix it it is still not fixed and they are forcing my father to pay a bill that Medicare should be paying because they can't get their billing right.

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We returned our rented CPAP to Apria almost a year ago and yet they continue to send tubes, masks and all sorts of useless parts. We cannot make the monthly shipments stop.

Our insurer keeps paying, not knowing better, so finally we're resorting to reporting Apria for insurance fraud. They know they shouldn't be sending these things.


it is impossible for that to happen unless they did not have qualifying testing or other medicare required documents for billing for that to happen ---medicare only pays 80% of the cost for dme under your medicare part b coverage the 20% is the patients responsibilty. you need to contact medicare and find out why this has happened.

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