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Update by user Jul 09, 2015

The check never arrived in the mail. It was taken off my credit card.

Talk about serious inconsistency with training. I know call me ungrateful that I got my money back!

I recently started having issues with my device making noises from a seal. I attempted to call the local office and no one ever answered the phone.

I eventually let it ring for 2-3 minutes and a fax machine picked up. I looked up two other branches. One went through to the national number where I was told to call the manufacturer. I did call and was refered back to Apria.

I called another branch and was forwarded to the 800 # this rep had someone call me back later that day. The local branch rep had NO answers, ideas, what to do or say. I was refered back to the 800 # and to leave a message for my Resp. Therapist.

I called the 800 # and now had to provide an explanation, answer questions then wait 5 minutes as a "Work Order" was submitted for a call back. I got a call back that consisted of "If the issue continues call again". Well it did and also started to over pressurize while sleeping. I called back (Saved # on caller ID) and was told to come into the office in two days.

Device was replaced and I only had one question that I had to ask three times and rephrase to get an intelligible answer.

NOT RESOLVED .. I know there will be more issues.

Original review posted by user Jun 10, 2015

Bedside the Federal Government; I have never been so frustrated with an organization like Apria. For weeks upon weeks I have had nothing but the run around with contrived answers and excuses. None of my questions could be answered until the order was complete. During the plethora of calls I found out the unit was to be picked up at a location 1hr + from me. I requested twice that it be sent to another location that is 17mins form me. To no avail!

I finally received a call from a Customer Service Representative that requested a credit card to attach billing to. I halted the conversation and proceeded with some past due questions. This demand was obviously above her pay grade and I was placed on hold. My simpleton questions were that nerve racking the "Hang Up Call" button was mistaken for the "Hold" button. I was able to call back and speak with another CS Rep rather rapidly; by this time I have the sequence of numbers to press memorized to evade the blah blah prompts and recordings. The new Rep. was able to change the pick up location, answer my financial and insurance questions. However, Upon review of my credit card statement I was double billed.

Now starts another chapter of Apria's billing Dept. Multiple calls, outrageous hold time, different responses and resolutions. Even after the billing cleared my credit card, I subsequently waited a few days, reviewed my credit card and noted that I had not been credited but billed for something else. Yet another call back and 20mins of hold time to learn that the proverbial "Check is in the mail" and that the other billing was for the custom mask sizing (Custom sizing consisted of a bag containing 4 different sized masks). Apparently I signed something that authorizes Apria to have a free for all billing on my credit card without explanation, bill, invoice and / or receipt.

During this debacle I picked up my equipment after talking with my Respiratory Therapist Phillip. I met with another staff member who had me "sign for the equipment". She then proceeded to unravel a 6 page duplicate dot matrix contract and hand it to me. I'm assuming this is where I gave up the free for all credit card billing. Too late for me to sit down and read through it! None of the equipment was explained to me. Just a DVD was pointed out in the package. This proved to be worthless. Amongst the paperwork I found another document that was not explained to me. It was in reference to a litttle matter of submitting a memory card and follow up with my Physician within a certain time frame in order to satisfy the insurance. No doubt that this is something I will have to call back back on and force feed.

What is utterly disgusting and really puts the icing on everything is the actual cost of the equipment. I did an online search and would have been able to purchase all the entire package, without a prescription for under $1200. Apria is bilking the insurance for over $2400. With a 100%+ mark up, one would think a company could drop a couple of bucks and up customer care / service.

Upon my next Doctors visit I will convey my discontent and will make attempts to change provider and supplies; if not by the end of the contracted period.

Reason of review: Just about ALL THE ABOVE.

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