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APRIA HEALTHCARE CHARGED MY MEDICARE $95.00 FOR A $22.00 WATER CHAMBER, $37.92 FOR $10.00 AIR TUBE AND $28.02 FOR 2 FILTERS THAT COST $12.00 FOR MY CPAP MACHINE. THEY WERE CHARGED WITH MEDICARE FRAUD A FEW YEARS AGO AND agreed to pay the government $17.6 million, without admission of wrongdoing, to settle Medicare fraud allegations.

It looks like they are doing medicare fraud again.

I questioned these charges and was told "we need to make money" I pay 20% co-pay on this equipment, so they are sticking it to me also. Thank You Apria

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Talk about over charged, they charge medicare $7??. a month to rent my concentrator, and I can buy one from cascade health care solutions for $706, so they are making a tidy little profit on this, and I plan to notify Medicare, I am so very tired of the government blaming people for trying to scam, how about the companies they use??? who is responible for this/??

@Georgia L. Stasi

All DME companies bill Medicare over $700 a month for an oxygen concentrator. Medicare sets the rates depending on location and ONLY pays them the rate in that area, with portable tanks usually a total of less than $200. No company can bill a different amount and get paid more than the allowable ... This applies to any equipment including CPAP tubing and water chambers. You can purchase your own oxygen equipment but who will service that equipment, test your oxygen saturation when needed, and how will you get tanks to use outside your home? It sounds easy and like these rates are excessive but when you have employees and pay the electric bill this industry only runs on an average profit margin of 9 - 12 %.

Also have no fear Medicare is slashing rates across the industry with a terrible program called competitive bidding which in 9 cities during round one slashed rates 32%, if your unimpressed with a DME companies service now just wait a few years when all the smaller companies are out of business.

You can disagree with the system but it isn't just one company....Apria's one of the few companies that actually gets all Medicare's required (usually ridiculous) paperwork...which also helps drive the cost of business through the roof.

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