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Update by user Aug 02, 2016

I reviewed my mail box and forgot to send the email to Blackstone. I will deal directly with Apria

Original review posted by user Dec 16, 2014

Below is a letter I sent to Apria on 10/21/14. They replied in November and said only that I am "having challenges" because they changed the CPAP ordering process. The letter included "I apologize for the incomplete that you received from the branch." "Incomplete" what? response, service? They don't even proofread their correspondence.

I e-mailed The Blackstone Group, which owns Apria, today with my reply to their reply. The attachments are the screenshots of my reply.

Apria Healthcare26220 Enterprise CourtLake Forest, CA 92630

Dear Sir or Madam:

This is a complaint about the continuing incompetence and dangerous behavior of Apria HealthCare.

My HMO, Group Health of Western Washington, retains Apria as its sole DME and, as such, I am forced to obtain equipment from you.

On June 19, 2014 I faxed an order for respiratory supplies to Apria at 425-895-3865. I have used this number for many years. I requested you acknowledge receipt of my order. You have not done so nor have you filled my order.

I called your Redmond, Washington office on July 8 to inquire about the status of my order. I was then told that you have changed your ordering process and that the 425-895-3865 number should no longer be used. I was told to fax my order to 888-492-0010. I called your Redmond, Washington office 45 minutes later to make certain that I written the number down correctly. In that second phone conversation I was told to use the 425-895-3865 number that you had, less than one hour before, told me not to use.

Your instructions in the second phone call notwithstanding, I then faxed my order for supplies to the 888-492-0010 and again asked you to acknowledge receipt of my order. You have not done so nor have you filled my order.

A fax receipt demonstrates that the fax transmission was successful. An email receipt is every bit as important as the fax receipt. An acknowledgement by email proves that someone has at least seen the order. Your errors in processing my orders demonstrate that very, very well.

Please fill that order on receipt of this letter and send the equipment to me at the following address:XXXX****Seattle, Washington 98125

That is the package shipping address. Correspondence should be addressed to at the letterhead address. My delay in following up with you is due to the incapacitating fatigue and complete disgust that my experiences with you have caused and continue to cause. I very much hope that you will not suggest that I am at fault by not bringing this instance of your incompetence to your attention sooner. I have brought these things to your attention before and it has done no good.

I have ordered equipment from Apria for 12 years. You have repeatedly delivered defective equipment and equipment other than that which I ordered in writing. The clock on the last machine that you delivered is 45 minutes off. The clock is set at the factory. On one occasion a machine you delivered broke in three days. I cannot help but wonder if the frequency with which your equipment breaks exceeds that which would occur by random chance.

Quite some time ago your Redmond office technician said to me, "They don’t give us the manuals." I asked her once about one specific setting on the machine and she said, "Dr. DePaso would have to tell us." I then contacted Dr. DePaso and he told me that this setting is set at the factory and cannot be changed. I saw her again and told her what Dr. De Paso had said. The last time I spoke to her she said to me, "Mr. Hendrix, you’re right. I looked it up."

I have enclosed a copy of one of your statements in which you show the prescribing physician to be Dr. Jeffrey Sullivan. He never prescribed this device. He has not worked for Group Health in seven years. To be fair I will give your technician credit for knowing who the prescribing physician is.

I have my packages delivered to a package handling company, Pony Express. The use of that address has never delayed or affected the delivery of packages from anyone but Apria. The owner has told me that he has many customers who receive equipment from Apria and that they constantly complain about defective equipment and delayed deliveries.

Apria HealthCare is the standard by which all incompetence should be measured.

I have no doubt that a small child of six or seven would and could in return for an extra 30 minutes of Saturday morning cartoons and a promise of an ice cream cone do a better job than Apria HealthCare is able to do.

Do not respond to this letter by phone. If you do, I will hang up without endangering my right to a competent response from you.

Thank you,

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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