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My mother had a wheelchair from Apria. Her insurance changed JANUARY of 2017...

yes ONE YEAR ago. They NEVER updated the info, started calling her repeatedly, making threats, refused to call ME as they had been told numerous times. Finally, in an effort to stop them from upsetting her, I changed the contact info. Their customer service is located in the PHILIPPINES!!!

1st problem.... English may be what they THINK they're speaking but.... WRONG!! I have called 23 times since December 14th and asked for a supervisor...

no luck. Finally I said come get the wheelchair... we don't need it. My dad had purchased one and he has since passed.

I was told I would require a RX from her doctor to have it picked up.... I'll let you guess how that went. Finally got a pickup date and can I tell you.... THEY CAME TO DO AN EXCHANGE!!!

Seriously???? Since then I have received 3 automated messages saying my "EXCHANGE" is scheduled... I just LOST MY *** on the man who called me. I explained that when a CAUCASIAN person who SPEAKS & UNDERSTANDS English can call me, we'll talk.

Until them, TAKE MY NUMBER OFF YOUR RECORDS!!! Luck to all!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I WANT A SUPERVISOR TO CALL ME!!!.

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I would give this company a negative 100 if possible. I spent about a total of 70 hours on the phone with them struggling thru hang ups disconnects, transfers to wrong people.

Customer service nonexistent!!! Do not even think of using them. Typical call is going thru all the prompts waiting on hold 40-45 minutes then either getting disconnected or getting wrong person who justs puts you back to same main number where all this happens again. I needed a portable oxygen concentrator which they had and I finally got my insurance co to approve just to find out they refused to rent it.

No reason was offered except the rep said the rental price my insurance co offered was too low probably so they turned down the offer. Still don’t know for sure what happened....what a waste of time!!! This was after 60-70 hours on the phone with 100 different people. I had to spend 1 1/2 extra days in the hospital because they could not even get me a oxygen tank delivered!!!!

When they finally did it was many hours later. Do not believe their delivery times. Also they never picked up the tanks from my home when I had to switch rental companies despite many many calls to them. All I was told was we will have someone call you to set up a time to pick it up.

Then supposedly (like another person complained) they said they came by and no one was home when I was there all day. Then guess what? They never picked up the tanks and floor concentrator. I called them many many times to pick up the equipment to no avail.

I finally gave up!!! I never got any communication from them ( no calls or letters despite them saying they sent a letter or letters), I never got any bills, nothing until I opened my mail and they turned me into a collection agency saying I owed them over $4100 for the purchase of their worn out equipment which sells new for about $1200!!! Now who knows how much more time I will need to spend to try to straighten this out.

Another hour on the phone and waiting for yet another call back which I am certain will not come. Do not use this company even under a last resort!!!

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