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i need oxgen at all times apria accepts my insurance for other supplies but will not for a portable oxgen the portable tanks will only give me 2hours since i need 6 liters , a portable consentrator would provide me with it , also its be plugged and to and outlet and work that why they claim that the only insurance that they accept for that equipment is medicare so i am left house bound the machine cost 3,000 dollars which i can't afford my doctors tell me that if i continue to go out without oxgen my organs will eventually shutdown but that is what but what choice do ih ave so i go out sometimes without oxygen they don't care my doctor said i can't use another oxygen supplier because the i use an niv at night and no one else makes one i don't no whereto turn

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Cpap Machine Rental.

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Please refer to my November 29th post entitled "Apria Complaints & Recommended Actions" for advise on how to deal with Apria Healthcare. Good Luck!

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