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I was a customer of Apria for CPAP supplies. About a month ago, I started receiving robo calls from them.

I have requested multiple times that they stop, but I still receive the calls, sometimes three or four a day. Not every day, but for three or four days, then a lull of three or four days, then the calls start all over again, three or four a day. I wish I had never bought anything from them. They won't stop calling me.

They just won't stop! I called them again tonight, and got hung up on twice.

I was finally able to get a human being who said he cancelled robo calling to my phone, but refused to guarantee that the calls would stop. Apparently, Apria Healthcare values sales above all, regardless of patient needs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I work nights and they wake me up all the time with robocalls. I presses 9 to tend the calls I also called the number they gave to to stop the calls.

It doesn't work. I am going to drop my gear at Apria, so I can get some sleep.


I'm a current CPAP equipment user. I too got robo called even weeks after I paid the current rental fee.

This company needs to be spanked. Next year I will return the equipment and stay away from Apria even if that will cause me to switch to another insurance carrier. I will call my current insurance carrier Aetna and complain.

This has happened once last year and I've made it clear to them that once more and I'd return the equipment. I will return the equipment.

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