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After six attempts, Apria is unable, and now unwilling, to replace my 92-year-old mother's wheelchair with one that is in full working order. Each delivery has been either the wrong chair (not lightweight), an incomplete chair, a broken chair or one with exposed dangerous parts.

They don't check them before they arrive even to see if it is the correct chair. One one, I cut my hand on the exposed screws on the seat.

I've spoken to everyone in customer service and also asked to be called directly by someone in a position of management, which they have disregarded. She needs the chair to move through the house.

Reason of review: Poor service, quality, deliver.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Apria Cons: Poor service apparent lack of care.

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Better find another company......apria has no interest in providing wheelchairs whatsoever.....

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