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If there was a ZERO Rating I would give it to this company. I have dealt with them 4 times this year and each time showed a total disregard for customer service.

I have called to schedule a service, was given a date & time. Then, the morning of the service I receive a call for the service time frame. After that all goes downhill. They don't show up.

I call to find out a status and am told the manager rescheduled the service for another day - But no one called to tell me about the reschedule or if the new date was workable for me.

When they do eventually show up, they are always later than the scheduled time. Apria's service SUCKS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I have been using APRIA oxygen delivery for more than ten years. Chuck, the delivery driver, has been very courteous, always on tine as scheduled, and totally respectful. I'm totally pleased.


My Dad and my sister are both on oxygen full time. My sister lives with my parents, but still works. She uses at least 1 small bottle a day but cannot get Apria to deliver twice a month to keep her supplied with this life saving product. Since she does not drive my 79 year old mother has to load up her car with these empty bottles and haul them to the Apria location to get new supply. they have called and tried to get an answer as to why they cannot get service that keeps her alive, but are always met with complete rudeness! We are not ordering a pizza here folks!! This is something needed and they pay a big premium to have this product delivered!

My Dad does not use as much, but he needs the big bottle due to higher usage. My mom has to do the same thing with his bottles. I do not understand how this is not a bigger problem. This is just 1 household using oxygen. Do all user with Apria have to make a visit between deliveries? Also, most user are elderly and /or are incapable to cart these bottles around. This makes me so angry!

Why is this not important enough for Apria to resolve?

I work in a company that has a call center and our representatives are constantly monitored and would not have a job if they spoke to our customers like Apria "Customer Service" does.

The delivery people are very friendly and the people at the front desk at the location are nice, but they are not the ones making these delivery decisions and they do not manage the *** call centers.!!

I beg for people to rally and let's all take our business somewhere else all at the same time. The only way I believe change will happen is when the bottom line is affected.

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