Brooklyn, New York
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I had oxygen concentrator and a large tank delivered to my out of town address. The first night, the concentrator broke down and I turned to the large tank.

This tank lasted for 18 hours since I used a lower setting to conserve until I could contact Apria for replacements. By the next night I had an empty tank and a concentrator that was out of order.........I use oxygen 24/7. I think it can be considered an emergency to be on empty ! Guess what???

Apria does not have emergency deliveries and I was told I'd have to wait 3+ days till after Labor Day. If it's medical supplies it must be able to support customers with emergencies especially if it is their equipment that breaks down.

I had to rent a concentrator from a local rescue squad. Shame on Apria.

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apria doesnt work their service reps to death like lincare does. I get so sick of being on-call all the time, and having to go out on service calls, after working 12 hour gets old!


i'm helping somebody with the same problem this weekend.she is camping and her portable conc failed so made arrangements with her to get us through until today. it amazes me that these huge corps can get away with stuff like this.

apria is a competitor of mine but it seems that when they make a mistake it's ok.let your m.d. know.

support the little guys when HMOs allow you to, our service is usually better but not perfect,i'm in ct. if i can help i will.

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