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Doctor orders it. Day 1, it doesn't arrive.

Dr. orders it again. Day 2, I call Apria TWICE. Both times I'm assured it will be delivered.

The second customer service rep even told me the delivery guy's scheduled route and indicated it should arrive before midnight. Didn't show. Day 3 I call again. They put me on the schedule for delivery again.

I indicate that my child is very sick and I need the machine. The customer service rep puts me on hold while she talks to a manager. Then she comes back and tells me that oximeters are for pick up only and that if I want it delivered, I'll have to wait until Day 4. I am now online looking for a place where I could buy the machine.

I would never, use this company.

I intend to complain loudly to my pediatrician.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Delivery Service.

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Why would you need a pulse oximeter for pneumonia? Geez, relax a bit or your brat's going to grow up as maniacal as you. If little precious is that sick to need monitoring, maybe ask the physician why he was discharged.

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