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Apria has leased "me/Medicare" a Oxygenator for about $900++ a month for 10 years now, but follow-up service is ridiculous. I have advised the service that I'm at home from 1-9 pm every day, but they come at 11 am; unannouced.

They say they call but I have never had a call on my answering machine! They leave a half filled out formal note on my door which does not indicate when they came by for service, but when I checked it was at 10 am, or 11 am, never when I have advised them I'd be home. Based on being a diabetic and 74 I go to the Gym, Grocery from 10-12 every day. Now my blood glucose is great and my physical stats are great.

That is why I'm not home. I don't travel, go to zoo, lake, shore, or the moon. I am home every day from 1-9 pm, or from 7-10 am. Do they keep records?

files? Do they ever leave messages on phones? never had one, not one. Missed 5 of every 6 visits every year as they are unplanned, unannounced and stupidly without warning or notification...made bunch of $ bucks over these thought of thinking about who they service!

or their file/record....leave a message? Stupid Apria.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have worked in DME for 16 years (for an mom and pop company, not Apria) and want to take a moment to attempt to help people understand some of the things I am reading on here that are absolutely capable of happening.Apria is NOT billing you or Medicare 900.00+ dollars a month for a concentrator. Medicare and every other insurance company state what fee the patient can be billed.

Medicare will pay 80% of 78.61 (or somewhere close to that based on what region you are in) for 36 months for a concentrator. Nothing more. You may be responsible for 20% of that, but nothing more on that code alone. Apria can bill for portable and contents as well.

The portable is 80% of 17.27 a month and contents are around 47.37 a month and can only be billed after the 36 months when we are unable to bill for the other two.Please take a moment to review your billing again. If I can be of any further assistance, please ask.

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