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I have been with the company for over 10 years and my division manager made me take this job as Logistics Manager because he was going to fire me when i was a Branch manager. He then told me, "I dont know what the *** you were doing over there" as Branch Manager.

I received no training at all and training was not offered in any way. So, I felt i had to make the move or i was going to be fired. Once i made the move i was placed under very poor leadership. The Branch Manager at the new branch was afraid I would take his job and hated that his Logistics person was chosen for him.

In nine months he was able to fire me. I was working 140 hours in the last two weeks leading to my termination and i was terminated for unsatisfactory performance. I was salary and only got paid for 80 of those hours. Apria is a complete diaster of a company.

They promote people that are not good at their respective jobs only because they wont have to pay them as much. A 7% raise is all anyone can hope for. They have no training programs available and so either you learn on your own or get fired. This is the worst company i have ever worked for and i put blood, sweat, and tears into this company.


They treat customers almost as bad as the employees. If you can get your medical supplies somewhere else then i would do so immediately.

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Apria, Has does not like to hire Hispanic Managers. I have been with Apria for many many years and I have never met ONE Hispanic manager.

@25 year man

I have not met one black branch manager.


i use to love apria intill i found out they screwed my patients and myself, they dont care bout anyone


Apria is the WORST company to work for. They pay you little and demand you due the work of five people.

They pay you salary so only 40 hours you are paid for. The managers all the way up are liars and will do anything to make your life *** BUT only if you do your job well. If you gossip and kiss *** then they will give you whatever you want. It is totally an unfair company and the leadership is known to sleep with and marry staff members.

The patients are the ones that suffer the most because they give out used equipment and charge insurance companys as if their new, they have employees who are on drugs visiting patients to do delivers or actually setting patients up. This company was the worst experience of my life!!!!!!!!!

@Horrible company

You are correct, the managers and supervisors they do lie. 2 supervisors at the Madison Height branch lied under oath 3/27/13 at an unemployment hearing.

The performance log that they kept were all lies. I was accused of yelling at the supervisor 3 times to "stay out of it". There were other witness that were there at the time of the incident.

Too bad they did not get the chance to testify. The end results would have been different.


Last fall my CPAP machine quite working so I took into Apria for repairs. They said I needed a new one.

At first they told me that since I had already done a monthly payment on the old machine that my insurance would pay for the new one all at once. Two days after I left they call and say I was going to be put on 10 monthly payments. I told them I would be switched to medicare in 5 months and they said I would not see any kind of change. I just started Medicare last month and I find my monthly fee has doubled and instead of having 5 months left I now have 13 months left.

They told me that Medicare controls what they charge and the fact that it was paid down to $335 had nothing to do with the fact that they are now going to charge me and Medicare $102 a month for 13 months. Pure greed!!!


OMG! My brother-in-law just started working there less than a month ago and I was happy for him until I read all these horrible things about them and how they treat their customers and employees...which state? or are they all bad?


it sucks everywhere :(


Apria does not suck everywhere. At the Ann Arbor branch as a driver.

You are allowed to drink, sexual harass a respiratory therapist and keep your job. The former supervisor at Ann Arbor (before he transferred) got away with yelling at the branch manager all the time. Madison Heights, MI branch, excellent place to be supervisor. You can screw your employees by lying, the branch manager will always believe the supervisors, because he's incapable of making a decision on his own.

It's an excellent place to practice racism. You can yell at any black co-worker and get away with it.

Double standard is always practiced at the branch, just ask the human resource manager on site and also the branch manager. Not all branches are bad.

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