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I made the mistake of suggesting Apria to my Dr. as a source to replace my DME- HUGE MISTAKE.

I was told by the billing person she received preauthorization for the equipment and my co-pay was 20%. Not only did Apria not take the required steps for preauthorization, they didn't even submit a claim for 2 months. They continued to provide supplies and then began submitting bills. The claims were denied because they failed to submit the requested information.

When I called my insurance company (Blue Cross) to get details, I was informed that Apria is THE WORST, MOST INCOMPETENT of the medical equipment providers, and that they were not providing information necessary to process the claims. I had to escalate my case to the 'grievance stage' with the insurance company; phone the Spokane branch manager (Robert Sanchez) to ask for assistance (another worthless endeavor and complete waste of time) finally asking him if HE could actually do HIS job and email a billing supervisor. My account was put into a 'COLLECTION STATUS' - WE HAVE BLUE CROSS INSURANCE-I was in 'COLLECTION STATUS' due to the ONGOING INCOMPENTENCE OF APRIA! I finally received a call from Jennifer Robison with Apria who claimed she was a billing supervisor and would 'personally see to my case and could personally assure me should would take my account out of collection as it was erroneous'.

Needless to say- that has yet to happen THREE WEEKS LATER. I have called the supposed supervisor - Jennifer Robison @ 866-237-0240 ext 75141 (in case anyone reading this needs a direct number) several times to no avail- not even the decency of a return call.

I am filing a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT and should anyone reading this be interested in joining, you may contact LAWMOMMA@OUTLOOK.COM with your contact information. This billing extortion needs to be stopped.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Claim.

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Have you bothered to read the OTHER 196 REVIEWS? There IS a VERY COMMON THREAD! Perhaps you should grace the other poster's with your most eloquent opinion Mr/Ms Anonymous.....


I am sure Apria has some blame in this matter but I find it hard to believe that Blue Cross would tell anyone that Apria or any company for that matter is "THE WORST, MOST INCOMPETENT". You are obviously very heated and speaking from emotion rather than intellect which explains your over zealous stating of your case.

I would be very interested to hear what you have to say in a few days and maybe then I can get on board with you.

I am always amazed at people like you running to lawyers to fix your problem when at the end of the day all you will get a couple hundred dollars and make your lawyer rich. Of course that is assuming either of you get anything because we both know big business has lawyers on retainer to deal with us regular folks.


People like me? Get on board with me?

No thank you. If you feel so strongly in your commentary, why the anonymity? I am not overzealous in stating my case- by profession I can clearly, intelligently and thoroughly 'state my case' and don't do so anonymously. Do not flatter yourself by thinking your position or interpretation of my situation is material.

I summarized a year-long situation that is, to date, still unresolved due to the direct actions of Apria (or lack thereof) in a forum specifically created for that purpose.

What part of THAT don't you understand? And further, what exactly is YOUR point?

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