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Picked CPAP machine from Apria Healthcare in Hattiesburg, MS on 12/22/11. Believing my insurance would cover, I was told what my co-pay amount was.

I asked if I could split that amount over two weeks. Sure. My debit card info was taken. Payment never taken from my bank account.

Deductable had not been met for that year, my insurance would not be paying. Thinking Apria would soon send me a bill, I waited. February 2012 I recieved a phone call from non-English-speaking person wanting me to pay over the phone. I told them when I recieved a bill, then I would pay it.

They poorly quoted some address that was not mine. Gave them correct address. Over the next few months, this was repeated several times. They never got my address correct and I never received a bill.

In June, I made the one hour trip to the Hattiesburg office and talked with manager. He seemed to understand my reason for being upset. He made arrangements for the calls to stop, got my correct address and set me up to make payments on-line. We agreed on an amount I could pay each month.

Made two payments, I received a letter saying that I was delinquent and would be turned over to collections if full payment was not made. Back to Hattiesburg for another meet with branch manager. He called someone in billing. I ended up having to talk to the robot on the other end and settled nothing.

After that the manager offered to write the account off with their billing dept. and then I could continue to make payments to his branch. I agreed. This was on a Tuesday.

I made a payment the following Friday.

Tuesday I received a call from a collection agency. Any one know a lawyer that would like to help with this?

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Account.

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I have an issue with our bill also. When I called the lady hang up on me when I asked to speak to a manager.

We have BC BS and medicare and they refuse to bill medicare because they say it is a deductible from BC BS. Medicare placed a 3 way call and asked them to send the bills along with the verification of necessity form - as of last night it was still not done - I have been at this since April 2014 - Funny part my deductible has already been met and I keep asking them what does it hurt to send them a bill and let them deny the claims then I will know where I stand


I agree with you on this as I have been bothered with these people too. I just continue making my payments and just ignore the calls.

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