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I had a sleep study in August 2015 which showed I have sleep apnea. My doctor arranged for a Bipap machine through Apria. Apria called to let me know when I could pick it up at the local office.

When I picked up the machine on 09/01/15, I met with Riis who showed me how to use the machine and fitted me for the mask. He told me it is impossible to call the branch location. All of the calls go directly to their main office. He told me to email him the next day to let him know what my experience was the first night. I was impressed at this point because I thought this showed some concern and caring. The next day I emailed him to let him know of the problems I experienced my first night with the machine. He responded and with a couple of emails back and forth he advised he would call me on Friday since that is my day off and I would be home near the machine. He was going to walk me through checking some settings I suppose. I don't know what his intent was because he never called. He NEVER called. It is about 7 weeks later now. He never called, never emailed to apologize for not calling. REALLY? I guess he NEVER realized that he overlooked this or didn’t have the professionalism to own up to it and apologize and follow up to see if I still needed any assistance.

Thankfully I am intelligent and resourceful and was able to read up on some information on the internet and with the help of a you tube video, made some changes to the settings myself which made it more comfortable to use.

I went for my follow up appointment with my Sleep Doctor on 10/16/15 and although she did not tell me she was ordering it, I guess she sent an order for me to receive oxygen to use with the Bipap while I am sleeping. Ridiculous that my sleep study in August showed that I need oxygen (I guess) while using the Bipap machine, but the Dr didn't advise me of this and either didn't order it in August, or Apria didn't deliver it when they should have. I was completely in the dark about it and it wasn't caught until I went to my Sleep Dr for follow up. Even then, I was still not given any indication that I needed oxygen while sleeping and using the Bipap. The Dr. asked me something about using the oxygen and I looked at her confused and told her I wasn’t given oxygen and not using oxygen. She didn’t say ANYTHING about ordering oxygen for me at that time. She didn’t say anything about what my sleep study showed regarding this and didn’t say anything to indicate I needed it! I thought it was just a mistake that she THOUGHT I was using oxygen because she said nothing more about it. So, either my Dr. did not want to admit she overlooked it when my sleep study was done in August, or she wanted to cover up for Apria not filling the order when they should have. The point here, I had no idea that the Dr. felt I needed oxygen or that it had been ordered.

I came home from work on Tue, October 20th to find that Apria had delivered 4 tanks of oxygen and the machine it attaches to! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

You did not have my permission to deliver this, I was not even aware it was going to be delivered!

You did not call to make an appointment with me for the delivery/instructions! Just showed up at my house and made the delivery!

The two people who were at home are not related to me, not my agents. Not even competent to receive information or sign the delivery paperwork you had one of them sign. YOU EXLAINED DIRECTIONS FOR USE TO MY TWO MENTALLY HANDICAP ROOMATES? REALLY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Bless their hearts, my roommates tried to explain it to me when I got home, but couldn’t remember any of the instructions. The only thing one of them remembered was that I didn’t need very much and the machine should be set on 1. NOT THEIR FAULT – AT ALL. Bless their hearts, they were trying to be helpful.

It is not their responsibility to accept a delivery, remember instructions – and certainly not their business to be given ANY information about my medical needs. Hmmmm, maybe a HIPPA violation?

Also, your HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL technician, Will, had some inappropriate conversation with my roommates while he was here. He asked them how much they pay for rent and advised he rents a room in his home for a lower amount. He was also being very nosey and read aloud a note that I have posted as a reminder for my roommates (about using food that does not belong to them). And he asked them what that meant. REALLY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I got on the phone and talked with someone at your main office. I didn’t have the option to call your office directly, since conveniently for you, all calls are routed away from you. I advised the representative that Apria did not have my permission to make this delivery and requested she send someone to pick up the equipment immediately. I told her I would be checking with my Dr. and if in fact I needed the equipment, Apria could schedule an appointment with me for delivery and instructions in an appropriate manner, the way it should have been done in the first place. The representative called the local branch, I guess the main office has the secret code to get through! She spoke with Riis who advised her there was no one available to pick up the equipment but they could pick it up the next day. I advised the representative they could pick it up at 6:30 am before I leave for work or after 5:30 pm when I get home. I did not want another one of their employees in my home unless I was there! The representative assured me she would email the branch manager and let him know what happened and also ask that he follow up and give me a call to discuss this. I have to say, the representative was very kind. She offered apologies and said she was embarrassed this happened. She was very compassionate and caring about the whole thing.

Next day, what happened? More incompetence! Your technician, a different one, came to my home during the day, when I WAS NOT HOME, AGAIN! He picked up the machine but not the oxygen tanks! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Again, when I got home from work, I called the main office. I told the representative I spoke with that the tanks need to be picked up or I would be driving over to the local branch and leaving them at their doorstep. She offered no solution, stated she would note it. She sounded very detached and like she really could care less about what was happening. When I told her I wanted to speak to a manager she gave me a phone number to call where she assured me they could help. I called the number and when the guy answered I told him the story. He asked me if I was an Apria employee or a customer. I thought this rather odd and replied that I was a customer. Then he told me the number I dialed was an IT HELP DESK FOR APRIA EMPLOYEES! OMG - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I had to laugh out loud at that point! REALLY? I cannot believe your employees are so lacking in training that she actually believed a HELP desk meant any kind of help! AGAIN - OMG - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE!

I called the main office back again and was able to be put through to a supervisor. He apologized and said he was sending an email to the branch manager to outline everything that happened and stated I could expect a call from the manager. I advised of my work hours. I advised I was available any time on Friday. That was on Wednesday, 10/21/15. About an hour or so after I spoke with the supervisor on Wednesday, there was a knock at my door and another technician arrived and picked up the oxygen tanks. I don’t know if the local branch realized their error on their own or if the supervisor’s follow up prompted this.

Today is Saturday, 10/24/15. I HAVE STILL NOT RECEIVED A CALL FROM PHILIP DALTON, the branch manager who should have received 2 emails by now requesting he call me to discuss this. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Do you have even one ounce of a sense of responsibility for the actions of your employees? DO YOU CARE AT ALL? IT APPEARS YOU DO NOT!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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