My wife works for Apria Health care over 10 years.Managers and corporate that have no respect for employees and customers.

four years ago their was 5 other people working the same department as my wife. she is the only one left and doing the work of 5 others. Their is no time to get anything done properly. it always hurry up.

20 hours of work in 10. They make it that you have NO family life. Never can have family dinner unless you plan it 11pm. 10 hour days you actually have to put in few free hours a day to get everything done half way.

If it is not done your out of a job. I happen to be in the office one day when my husband was called on his nextel by his manager. So I could hear everything. Oh my goodness from the time her boss opened his mouth he was so mean, I mean MEAN.

treated him so bad her Boss is Evil. I felt so sick for my wife having to put up with such treatment. she has No choice. Either you suck it up cry when you get home or your out of a job.

The company pays good and has pretty good insurance. The office she works in use to be a great place to work but because they have an new Evil boss Nobody is happy. Everyone hates him. He is having an affair with sales lady and doesn't hide it.

he even hides little notes to call to see how long it takes you to find them The customers suffer because the staff cant give them good quality service treat customers like ***. The drivers have to drive three hours away to customer that need supplies. If their is a emergency the customer waits along time. In morning you could be say in southern part of state and then turn around have to drive to northern part of state and back to southern because no drivers local.

The vehicle are very COLD and unsafe. The drivers are on GPS and cant even stop to use the bathroom. Employees now must keep a log on what they are doing every hour of the day so not min is being wasted. The offices are a mess very dirty no one cleans them.

Employees have NO time to clean them.

So if you want to work for Apria Yes you make good money but you will be a slave and treated like ***.They need to go union.

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Tacoma, Washington, United States #1031497

I hate Apria because they won'the give you their address so you can pay your bill. I will not give my card number over he phone.

Pageland, South Carolina, United States #994840

Try to call them.My wife and I began laughing after a minute or two.

Options 1 thru six take you to 4 to 6 other options non of which is to speak to a real person. What *** designed their phone system.

It says your call may be recorded.If they do you will be the only person on the line


The above complaint is confusing; first, you state your wife works for Apria,later in your note you state your husband does.This indicates a writer who is looking for a venue in which to just gripe.

As for Apria, my dealings with them have been mostly of a positive nature.

Efficient and friendly so far.No major complaints here.

to beesknees #817793

Apria seems friendly fora while, then they start to turn.They are try to extort money from us.

I have proven a zero balance, and yet they call constantly wanting a credit card number. They refused to send formula to my husband (the only thing keeping him alive in his cancer fight as he could not eat). The said until we gave a credit card number he could starve.

My insurance company had been paying the bill all along, and they helped find another formula provider.Be very careful, as they will *** over too.

to beesknees #1050734

Don't be so narrow minded.The writer is obviously in a polygamous situation of some kind.

I saw the same thing.

I would guess it's actually someone trying to obscure who they are so their spouse doesn't get fired, and they messed up.I don't think it makes Apria out to be good, and my experience with them is pretty negative.

to Anonymous White Plains, New York, United States #1110881

I agree with this person.I have had very little good experience with Apria if any.

Sometimes I wait on the phone 15 or 20 minutes. I have just had the experience of calling on Monday asking for service and hearing nothing; calling again on Friday I'm hearing nothing; calling again the next Wednesday and finally after being promised that I would have a call Thursday evening receiving a call on Friday afternoon. That's 12 days before I got a response. And apparently the first two calls were lost because the responder today could only referred back two days.

In the meantime I have not used my mask because the skin of my nose get so irritated that it bleeds. And I need the mask. I have asked other users of respiratory care companies including my primary physician and my pulmonologist and they say that Apria is the best of these very bad companies.

My grandmother would say that's damning with faint praise.It's a bad company


Apria lies to their employees about everything.The management is in charge of bs not business.

They have used Medicare cuts over and over again to lay off only to rehire for the same jobs again two months later.

If you just stuff it and never speak the truth you might survive, but don't count on it.

they don't care about patients either, it's all about greed.no integrity.

New York City, New York, United States #700371

This company is ineffective AND CORRUPT.They lied to me at every local branch level.

The obfuscate and try to confuse you. I have been in the insurance industry as an executive for 20+ years and have never seen this amount of poor service.

Go to someont else for your equipment.I can't imagine how bad it must be to work there.

Good luck!!!




I called the local Little Rock office today just to check if they took my

Insurance. After thirty minutes and four different people ( three in India.

) I finally got a half-hearted answer which was probably a lie. I will be

Looking for supplies elsewhere. :x

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