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all we have to do is realize is we have a job today, soon it will be gone i would have to assume more job loss. since the customers are now telling us they are talking to india for billing problems and cannot even understand what the customers are telling them or even understanding the products they are talking about.

even in the wake of he haiti even, they have asked the employees to donate money to the red cross to make apria look good.

really apria, why do you not just donate your equipment to these people who gave no legs rather than counting on your employees who have not have had raises in almost two years? or take the senior management bonus and send on behalf of your employess?

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Just got a bill...what am i being billed for???? I am a Praxair victim of a buy out!!!

I got statements fro Praxair 4 times a year that stated Medicare and American Insurance had taken care of everything. I have a bill that doesn't tell me anything except that you want money..I need information before I can pay.


I was filling in for someone placed on medical leave, and one month into my assignment, i get a call saying that my position had been "liquidated" because the company deemed "there wasn't enough work in the position." What they failed to realize was that I didn't even get my login credentials until the last week I worked there, and all I could do was answer phones. Real ***' smart, Apria. First you lock an employee out of the system, crippling them from doing their job, and then complain that they aren't doing enough work.


yep - As another x employee used to say their motto should be "Apria,taking the care out of healthcare!"


As you can tell by the many complients Apria is not that place to work or do business with.


Leave the company. Take a pay cut if you must.

It was the best decision I ever made. Somewhere in that company, the Antichrist has risen.


doesn't matter what location. All of them suck. It stems from Corporate being the worst violater of them all.


What specific Apria location are we complaining about. They are so many locations within the U.S.

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