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I received a BIPAP machine from Apria in June 2016. This machine was requested by my doctor after a sleep study was conducted.

Medicare paid the rental fee through September, 2016. Medicare states they were not billed for October and November 2016. In February 2017 I received a notice that Medicare was no longer paying for the machine. I filed a request to have my denial reviewed.

Medicare informed me that they had not received the required documentation from Apria. I then contacted Apria billing and was told they needed the notes from my mandatory 90 day follow up examination. This examination was required to confirm that my use of the machine met the requirements of Medicare for reimbursement. These notes were faxed to Apria with other requested forms and notes, The billing person at my doctor has confirmed that she has documented that these documents were in fact faxed to Apria several months ago.

Apria billing said they had not received these documents so they were faxed again. Apria still claims they have not received the documents. I have received replacement masks and ancillary equipment from Apria for the machine. In my discussion with Medicare, they state that all Apria needs to do is send the same information they have sent for the ancillary equipment to cover my BIPAP machine.

I called Apria again and was told that they need my doctor to resend the information. Apria would not look at the information they have on file for the ancillary equipment. I continue to receive a monthly bill for the BIPAP machine for $1400.00. Apria tells me that my doctor is refusing to send the required documents.

This is untrue as the billing office of my doctor has documented the faxes to Apria.

I have attempted to assist and resolve this Medicare billing issue several times with Apria to no avail. Also, Apria has stated that they will send me to collections if I don't pay the bill.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Bipap Machine Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $14000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Please refer to my November 29th post entitled "Apria Complaints & Recommended Actions" for advise on how to deal with Apria Healthcare. Good Luck!