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I have been a customer for 4 years with Apria. For some reason this year they have been horrible. I am still waiting for my medical supply order from 5/20/14. I made a Better Business Bureau complaint on 8/25/14. I also made a complaint at the Joint Commission website on 9/22/14. Apria brags about their accreditation with the Joint Commission on their home page of their website. Please help me get this accreditation revoked by submitting your complaints to Thank you!

here is a copy of my latest complaint to the Joint Commission...

I have multiple issues with Apria Healthcare. If this is how they treat their medical customers, they need to be shut down or have their license revoked. This started at the beginning of this year January 2014. My CPAP machine broke. I took it into the local branch to have it fixed. I also purchased a brand new machine at the same time. My broken one needed to be sent into the manufacturer to see if it could be fixed. About 2-3 weeks later my broken CPAP showed up in the mail to my home. It was never sent to the manufacturer. I later found it was lost in the local branch office and was sent to my address by mistake. They never bothered to contact me after finding my machine in their office after the 2-3 week period. I now had to wait for the whole process to start all over again. I think it was March when I received a call that said it would be a couple hundred dollars to be fixed. I was advised at that time there would be no charge due to the mix up. Good thing I bought the new one or would have gone over 2 months without my CPAP.

On May 20th, 2014 I contacted Apria (which i have done multiple times in the past 3-4 years) to get new medical equipment. Specifically it was time for new pillows or a new mask. I placed an order for 3 pillows so I do not have to order this every month or so. At the end of June I called them back asking where my order was. I was told it was back ordered and I should receive it after the Holiday (July 4). I called the company back at the end of July. The agent was at a loss for words that I have not received my order in over 2 months. She gave me some lame excuse about it was suppose to be fulfilled by the local office and not the 800 number. I was promised a supervisor would call me back. I received no call. I called Apria again for the last time August 14th, 2014. I immediately requested a supervisor so I would not have to repeat myself. Surprisingly there was not a supervisor available but I was assured and promised one would call me back in 24 hours. I waited a week and still received no response from Apria. Since it has been over 3 months since I placed my order and no one from Apria will call me back or fulfill my order, I went to Lincare for my medical equipment needs. I had to go see my Doctor and call my health insurance company to complete this process (with pleasure at this point). On August 25th I still received no call from Apria so I filed a Better Business Complaint (complaint 10192757). Apria honestly has no business supplying medical equipment for patients who rely on this equipment to live. Apria finally responded on September 17th but did not address the issue of my NEVER fulfilled order. Today 9/22/14 I went to Apria's website and saw they referenced their accreditation with The Joint Commission for 25 years. I am now educating you on Apria's lack of commitment to supply customer's life requiring medical supplies/needs. They are not deserving of your accreditation. I hope you will rescind your accreditation with Apria. If you need anything else from me to assist in revoking their accreditation, please let me know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Apria to lose their accreditation and ability to continue supplying much needed medical supplies to patients. .

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