265 Executive Dr, Plainview, NY 11803

My res-med CPAP machine conked out a few months after being fixed by an Apria technician...At the time, he told me I would need a new machine, which I applied for but never received, despite filling out and sending in all paperwork. The machine that was fixed just fizzled out so I took it back.

Respiratory Therapist Alex tested it out and announced it was definitely now permanently broken, could not be fixed. Fortunately, he said, he had a new res-med cpap he could give me, no charge no elaborate paperwork! A rare example, I gather, of outstanding customer-friendly service!

Note: When I originally called Apria, Plainview branch, I got the general customer service number in, of all places, the Phillippines!

When I asked to be connected to the Plainview, Long Island branch, the so-called customer service woman gave me the phone number that I originally called, which connected me to her!

I had to return to the Plainview office to retrieve my new cpap, which the clerk at the desk had forgotten to put back in my bag after she removed it to copy down serial numbers. When I came back to say she forgot to give the machine back to me, she pointed to it on the desk and said, "Well, there it is!" Woman has the customer service savvy of a soft-shelled crab!

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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