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My mother who was hospitalized at Beth Israel in Boston for an extended period of time but was about to be released. A representative from Apria Healthcare, came to her room with a Nebulizer per her doctors’ request. She indicated that in order to release the equipment, she needed a credit card and that there would be no charges placed against the card. I expressed concern about releasing credit card information; especially to someone who was essentially a stranger entering the room. I also expressed concern several times about the card being charged regardless of her assurances. After repeated assurances that the card was not going to be used to make any charges, I gave her my personal debit card as my mother did not have a credit card with her. She gave me her business card with her name hand written on it and indicated that I could call her directly with any concerns.

Several weeks later, (11/17), I noticed that a charge pending on my checking account from Apria. I called the organization's billing office and they were not able to explain the charge but assured me that the charge would be removed and that my debit card would be removed from the system. After checking one hour later, the pending charge was in fact removed, (and had not appeared on my checking statement as an approved charge). A week after the 17th, upon reviewing my account, I noticed that a charge when through.

Since that time, I've filed a few complaint by phone with the corporate office and was told that someone would get back to me. I've followed up a second time since no one ever got back to me. After the 2nd follow up, a representative did call back and left a voice mail but I have been unable to reach her after following up a few times. As of today’s date, now one has bothered to call back. (No surprise there).

My major concerns other than the unauthorized charge is that the company seems to have a practice of sending people into sick patient's rooms asking for credit card information and possibly assuring them (as in my case) that their cards will not be charged and that the person who took the card to "release" the equipment can be reached by phone when in reality the card was charged and the person who said that they can be reached is not even available at the number indicated on the card. So I was lied to from the start. They have absolutely no system in place to resolve these issues and don’t seem to care. Or maybe they are so busy responding to complaints like this they don’t have time to call back. Regardless, their practices are unethical and need to be investigated. I guess they are interested in being slammed with a law suit so that their attorneys can get some practice in the court room because that is where this is headed. I am not letting this go Apria. The organization preys on sick people or lethargy so that they can get away with this stuff, but I'm not the one...

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Account.

Reason of review: Misrepresentation, fradulent billing practices.

Preferred solution: I want an acknowledgement that a mistake has been made and confirmation that their practices were changed. I've already filed a dispute to get my money back through my bank..

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