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Because my son is now back in school and using a full tank of oxygen per day, I ran low of tanks mid-September (in between our regular monthly deliveries of tanks). I called on either September 17th or 18th to request additional tanks to hold us over until the end of the month and I was told that our next regular delivery would be on Thursday September 24th. I questioned this because our deliveries normally come on Mondays but it didn’t matter anyway because we didn’t have enough to last us until Thursday so the scheduler wrote a request for delivery of tanks on Monday the 21st. Knowing this might mess up our regularly scheduled monthly delivery, I asked the scheduler specifically to either make sure our regular monthly delivery of tanks would stay on the calendar or just have our full month’s supply of 25 tanks delivered on the 21st so we would not run short again the month of October. I was assured two deliveries would be made (at that point I was told to expect deliveries on Monday Sept. 21 and Thurs Sept 24).

The 1/2 order of tanks was delivered on the 21st but when I confirmed with the driver that he’d be out again on the 24th he told me he wasn’t in our area on Thursdays…that that was a mistake. When I shared my frustrations with him (because there are often "mistakes" like that when dealing with Apria), he told me to talk to the branch office directly and he gave me the number but told me not to tell them where I got the number. I ended up not calling the branch as I received the automated call the next day asking me to call back and confirm my monthly delivery for the following Monday (Sept. 28). (Great! The system corrected itself and we’re back on track!) I called the automated system back, was told my delivery was confirmed and the delivery was a no show on the 28th!!!!!

Frustrated once again, I called the branch office on the morning of October 5th. I asked to talk to the branch manager. Janet was unavailable and Rebecca asked me to explain my concerns to her and she would relay them to Janet. I explained the above. Her response to me was that I should call the corporate office as “they control the automated system”. Fine! But in the mean time, how do I get the O2 we need? Rebecca went on to explain that when the 9/21 delivery of tanks was made, the automated system automatically bumped our next monthly delivery to October 26th not accounting for the fact that it was a mid-month delivery of only 1/2 the amount of tanks we need. She said she would talk to the logistics manager Dan to arrange another delivery next Monday Oct. 12th but that this would be a one-time courtesy delivery since it is another mid-month delivery. I take offense to this given the fact that I’m requesting a mid-month delivery because the APRIA AUTOMATED SYSTEM IS FLAWED AND FAILED TO DELIVER MY SON’S MONTHY ORDER AS I CONFIRMED. Rebecca also suggested that I call to confirm future orders the night before to avoid this from happening again!!! Thoughtful suggestion but completely inappropriate given the fact that I DID CALL AND CONFIRM THE DELIVERY ONCE…I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO CALL A SECOND TIME…YOUR SYSTEM SHOULD BE DOING THE WORK NOT THE CUSTOMER WHO IS DEALING WITH A CHRONIC ILLNESS. Seriously! Working with Apria is a maddening experience EVERY TIME I need to call to either place an order or follow up on a erroneous order...this has been going on for SEVEN years. Just to put this in perspective…dealing with the fact my son is living with 1/2 a heart and a whole host of physical compromises as a result is LESS emotionally draining on me than dealing with Apria. I know that sounds ridiculous and IT IS! Apria should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of follow through and real concern for the people they are supposed to be serving and our insurance company SERIOUSLY needs to wake up and contract with someone else!!!!!

Reason of review: poor customer service, problem with delivery, order processing issure, etc. etc. etc..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Apria Pros: Driver, Individual reps are polite but unhelpful.

Apria Cons: Poor service apparent lack of care, Undelivered vital medical equipment, Long waits to speak to cust serv, Not receiving deliveries on time.

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