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Complain directly to complaint@jointcommission.orgSend this link to your insurance company so they can see who they contract with. complaint is the same as all of yours, locally I will say that the people I have dealt with face to face are great! But the billing department are horrible.

I swear they threaten there employees. I was told a break down of my bill, but additions were made. When I called the local branch again about this I swear they was afraid to say any different than what I was told by billing. It gets much worse....I am sending this link to my insurance company and see if they would consider changing.

This is not health care at all in my eyes. This is a corporation who is greedy and only looking for a dollar they don't care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Health Insurance.

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The billing with apria is broken down like this.. Your equip is a rental, its the contract they have with ur insurance, you have a copay that u have to pay..

Ur equip isn't free.. stop getting angry with Apria because ur insur doesn't pay ur bill at 100%.. Know what ur insur pays for equip before calling billing and getting angry because ur being billed Monthly.. Simple as that know ur policy and read what you sign before you sign it thinking ur equip is free..

People.. always out to get something for free


Once upon a time, I worked at Apria in a larger city. They had lost their contract with Cigna, but had just won it back about the time I came on board.

They were sooooo anxious to keep the Cigna contract, they had agreed to put ALL Cigna patients first, i.e. if we had a limited stock, such as cpap masks, it was to automatically go to the Cigna patient first, even if say a BCBS patient's order was received first, ahead of the Cigna patient. I got so disgusted I eventually left the company. So, yeah, certain issues, what I might call 'offbeat' issues, were the rule of the day.

Disgusting, really. :(


Please note that the correct address to send a complaint to JCAHO is

I DO believe in voicing your complaint and that it does make a difference. I have forwarded information about my most recent billing issue with Apria and asked them to look into the overall billing practices and poor customer treatment that seem to be a hallmark of Apria.

Let your voice be heard! (Best, from the "original" pissed consumer of this thread!). XSTY68


Filing with the joint commission department is not going to change anything!


What will cause change?

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