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Apria is totally disgusting!!!!! I have never had anything turned over to bill collection in my life.

At the beginning of summer 2013 they started double billing me and saying they were not receiving my payments. Well, I knew they were because I pay all my bills through my bank and had all the records!!!! When I called to see what the problem was Apria told me that the bank had not put my complete account number on the checks and they could not process the checks to the proper account. But guess what, they had the balls enough to cash the check.

All of this had been documented by my bank as to when it was delivered, when it was procesed and when it was cashed. I called Apria again, they were able to find some of the checks. Then low and behold, I started getting a bill from a credit company stating that these bills had been turned over to collections. However, I was still getting a bill from Apria at the same time.

I am so furious I could chew nails!!!!! I asks Apria how much I owed them total, of course they told me sixty something dollars. The next day I received a bill that stated I owed over $100.00. They have a sorry billing system if they can't recgonize who a check is coming from.

They should be able to track their clients by the last four of their account number. They need me to run their business for about a month, there would definately be some major changes. I have talked to these idiots until I am blue in the face, what more can I do?

I had Lincare for nine years prior to these people and NEVER had a problem!!! So, what's up Apria????????

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Account.

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