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Per the APRIA rep in the hospital, he said that we could stop by and get extra oxygen any time we needed, or they would deliver it to us. There's not all these steps included by ins collector happens every time.

Insurance and all was confirmed before we left hospital, so that is no excuse for not delivering as promised, and then making us store all the extra. We used another company before for another family member and it was much better and a lot more efficient.

Original review posted by user Jan 21, 2013

Rep told us to call Apria before leaving hospital to get oxygen delivered to home within 2-3 hours. We called them before we left hospital at 3pm, with one tank from rep, and by 9pm that night, we still had not rec'd oxygen equipment.

We called them and it was going to be a couple more hours. We rescheduled for the next day. The next day when they hadn't shown up by 11am, we called and were told they do not start delivering until 1pm. Finally when they showed up, the made us take all this extra oxygen that we wound up storing in the garage (12 extra tanks and a huge back up tank).

The delivery guy said the company started this so they wouldn't have to come out for possibly 6 months.

Then when it came time to return the oxygen, it took them 3 days to finally come get, which I'm sure it was so they could charge insurance another month. This company is the worse to do business with.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #598538

You realize of course the o2 is a Rx. That apria would have to take your order, your information, verify Rx, Verify ins, write an invoice, send the invoice to your local apria branch, stock the delivery truck for your equipment, then deliver it to you.

Along with all his other already planned deliverys. How long did you think it would take?

Really you should be complaining that you didn't receive enough temp o2 when u were discharged. But that's just how it works for everyone else, you must be special.

to ins collector #598541

Ohhhh by the way they cannot bill ins extra, b/c the delivery date is the first date that ins will cover.

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