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I just got off the phone with APRIA. I've never did anything but order supplies once or twice in the last 9 years. A wire has now broken on my machine. I called to ask what to do. They say to see my doctor for a perscription and fax it to them. Being that this is Friday before a Holiday weekend, this just isn't going to happen soon. I asked for any alternative other than learning to live without it.

The response is that I could bring it in and they would check the pressures, but they couldn't do anything about the repair because it was so old.

In other words, because I have taken good care of it and not needed anything, now I will be punished.

And no matter how I reprhased it, the offer was repeated to bring it in and they would unneccesarily check the pressures, but not do anything about me suddenly not having my CPAP.

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