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Sent to Apria 3/28 - On 3/5 you delivered an oxygen concentrator and 2 large tanks to my 90 YEAR OLD mother that requires her to fill her own tanks. Did I mention that she's 90? Not only that, but the "portable" tanks weigh approx. 8.5 lbs and she can hardly lift them, let alone put them on top the machine to fill them. Then, the first time we used one, at 3L which is prescribed by her doctor, the tank ran out in 1 hour (full fill confirmed by regulator). I'm not really sure how we're supposed to go anywhere if I have to take numerous tanks, run out to the car every time one empties, hook the new one up, then run back to wherever I had to leave my mother, instead of wheeling her back to the car with me.

We petitioned her healthcare provider and we have been assigned to Lifecare Solutions, which we used in Palm Desert. They provided the proper equipment for someone of my Mother's age and ability, and are providing us with on-demand portable tanks that only weigh 4Lbs and last all day.

I contacted your office on 3/26 at 1:27 PM and spoke with Jason, to p/u your equipment. Today 3/28, at 8:37am, I rcvd a call that the driver was at our front gate to p/u the unit. No call was ever made to me in reference to this p/u. I was in the middle of giving my Mother a shower but took the call as we are waiting on referral to cardiologist. Not the driver's fault. It was your lack of professionalism, concern or care, that created this issue. We didn't like you from the get-go, and this lack on your part just confirms all the bad reviews that you get and the reason we are so glad to go to a company that shows actual care for the clients they service.

I really don't expect a response since our concerns don't seem to be of any importance to you. Good luck keeping customers and back luck to anyone who gets you because of their insurance. Will be sending letter to Memorial Care regarding the performance of this company. One letter won't make a difference, but if all your disgruntled customers would do the same, maybe you might get a clue.

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Correction, lawmomma@outlook.com................


Laughable............CLEARLY the 2 previous comments were from APRIA EMPLOYEES!! Idiots-every last one of them. Please visit lawmomma.com and leave your contact information regarding a class action lawsuit being filed against Apria- they MUST BE STOPPED.


Are you clueless? The patient doesn't order the oxygen.....the hospital or doctors office orders it.

How would the patient know who to call and how would they know anything about oxygen? Apria would have tested her for a conserving regulator and if she passes, she would have got small cylinders....people who comment on this site have no idea how the process works......


Since your mom is 90 years old,Why would you allow her to place an order of any type.You would think you yourself would have placed the order then you would have been aware of the product beening sent to your mom.Some people have all the nerve in the world,Then they want to place blame on someone else.You are responsible for your mom right?Then act like you are responsible do not try to place blame on everyone else but yourself.

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